About Sweet Southern SassyFrass

We are family, that grew up in a small town without any fashion options, unless you were shopping for an Easter dress.

Owning a boutique was a dream we had always shared. Not only was this a way to help support our families, but an avenue to empower women. As a lavish woman, Tamara wanted to provide stylish clothing for plus size ladies. She was tired of shopping the rack at the back of the store to walk out the store empty handed or with a plain top or bottoms. With all of her out of the ordinary thinking, Mandi brings a twist of sugar and spice to this adventure.

Both of us know how it feels to live paycheck to paycheck. This year, we took a leap of faith, took out a loan, and Sweet Southern Sassyfrass was brought into fruition! We knew we did not want to be another small town, brick and mortar boutique.  We are way to restless to be confined to four walls!

After working our business on FB, we were asked to do home parties….. and this is how be became a trendy, traveling boutique. You may see us anywhere from Daytona Beach, FL to Nashville, TN.

Mandi Brewer at Sweet Southern SassyFrass
At the age of 34, Mandi realized it was time to take a leap of faith and start her own business.

Three years ago, Mandi’s husband, Chad, accepted a job in the oilfield of North Dakota. Together, they decided Mandi would be a stay at home mom to their son, Joseph.  After working for a family business for many years, Mandi walked away from workforce and never looked back. She attempted the Direct Sales business to get her out of the house and give her a little spending money. But it was too much to meet deadlines and sales quotas, and host home parties with low attendance. It felt no different than working the grueling 9-5 job.

This summer, Chad resigned from his job in North Dakota and Mandi knew she would need to enter the workforce to help support her family. After nearly 3 years of being an unemployed woman, it’s not easy to find a job in this economy. The rejection e-mails were enough to convince Mandi that she would need to take matters in her own hands and find another outlet to help support her family.

She started brainstorming with Tamara and decided to take out a loan and take a plunge into owning their own business.  With all of her “outside of the box” ideas, Mandi brings a lot of quirkiness to Sweet Southern Sassyfrass.

At the age of 42, Tamara has worked hand in hand with her husband, Dale, for the past 12 years.

This grueling economy took a toll on the transportation industry and their trucking business suffered.  Opening restaurants, catering business, short order grills, nothing seemed to be enough for Tamara and Dale to make ends meet. They made a decision to enter into public work.

After loosing a son Shane, 5 years ago,  family became most important.  Needing time to take care for 3 children (Kaylee, Noah, Riley) as well as helping with our 2 year old grandson Cameron, time was everything. Tamara’s mind started spinning as to how this work schedule would still allow time for Cameron, family and herself.  Working out of the home and owning a boutique has always been a dream. Needing to help support a family, action had to take place.

Brainstorming with Mandi, pen and paper, google searches, late night text  to each other and more ended as we took the next step.  It has been a long road to get to where we are today.  After many tears, sleepless nights, doubts and countess hours WE  ARE SWEET SOUTHERN SASSYFRASS!!!!!!!